Inner Strengthen

Building your inner strength is a life long task.  I’ve come to learn that life is uncertain and unpredictable.  When my life changes I feel insecure, off balance and unclear of what to do next.  What are ways I can empower myself and take care of me when that piece of wood gets thrown in to trip me up.

The me I know would take a few days and cry,  go through a cycle of poor pity me and try to find a reason of why this is happening.  However I’m learning to STOP and be empowered.  What are ways that I have started empowering myself to change my cycle?  I ask God for help, I slow down and I rest with him.  I need to learn to trust in him more and take care and support my feelings and needs.  As a mom it’s hard to try to focus on yourself. You begin comparing yourself to other moms and start having self doubt that you even deserve some time to take care of yourself.  You start questioning if you are a selfish person for wanting that time and thinking you deserve it.  You start filling up every free hour with a task because you feel that it is your job and purpose and that it needs to be done to make you look efficient and useful.  You see these are things that run in my mind constantly that I need to stop and let God take control.

I find my inner strength and empowerment when I surround myself with people who love and accept me for me.  I feel my strength when I  don’t ignore my feelings and I listen and support them.  I feel my strength when I am creating.  I feel my strength when I am helping others, even when it is just my own children.  God gives me these strengths to see my good to know that I am worthy.  This world has a way of making you see yourself how you should be, makes you doubt yourself and your abilities.  However, I’m empowered by God to rest and be still and focus on the inner strength that lies within instead of what the rest of the world is telling me to be strong about.

What is your inner strength?

“I hope you know you’re capable, brave and significant. Even when it feels like you’re not.”  anonymous

2 Samuel 22:33 “It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure.” o-INNER-STRENGTH-facebook_mini

Author: theunwantedwife

I am a wife and a mother of 6 beautiful children just trying to find her way in this crazy thing we call life.

One thought on “Inner Strengthen”

  1. Let God be your guide. Remember it is difficult to help those who don’t want to fix themselves. It is through your inner strength that will mend a broken heart. We must pray for those who are lost to find the light of their own inner strength.
    Nothing in life is easy.


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